Zara ***Available for Adoption***

August 28, 2019

Zara was homed earlier this year, but unfortunately has come back to us as she has proved too much of a handful with the young children in the family.

She is a 2 year old Shar Pei x Staffie who is a very friendly bundle of energy.
She has a tendency to pick and choose who she will take notice of, but when she wants to please she will do as she’s asked in double-quick time, and will sit and take treats very nicely.
She is OK off the lead provided there are no distractions and can do a great wait and stay command.

Although she has been living with young children she has been too boisterous in play and doesn’t know when to stop – she ‘mouths’ a lot, but gets over-excited and can lose track of how firmly she is gripping when she does this.

Zara chews when left and may benefit from crate-training.

She is clean in the house

She isn’t great with other dogs, and needs work on her socialisation skills.

She is a no to cats.

We would recommend older children only, depending on the experience of the adults in the home.

Zara is a fun and loving girl who needs consistency and boundaries so she knows what’s expected of her.

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