Vinny ***ADOPTED***

March 12, 2015


Vinny was spotted by one of our team dodging cars and buses one evening last week.  He was very very scared with a collar and lead attached.  Jane spent 2 hours trying to catch him and eventually she did.  He was taken to a foster home for the evening where he had a warm bed, food and water.  The next day he went to the dog pound – as is the law – to wait for his owner to claim him.  Sadly, and despite numerous appeals on facebook Vinny has not been claimed.  We have collected him and now wish to find this timid gentleman a loving forever home.  He is fine with dogs and cats.  He will be neutered, chipped and vaccinated by us.

Vinny’s fosterers have decided they can’t part with him – so he’s staying put.  Congratulations Vinny!


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