**UPDATE 23.3.20***

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has contacted us about fostering over recent days; we have been overwhelmed.
However we are no longer taking applications at this time.
We are unable to move dogs or arrange meets due to social distancing so we feel we have enough fosterers on stand-by now.

If you are interested in permanent adoption of a particular dog please email aireworthdogsinneed@gmail.com with your details and we will undertake a home check once movement and contact restrictions are lifted.

We are all pretty frazzled to be honest. It has been an intense couple of weeks trying to get all the emergency dogs quickly moved into foster homes before lock-down.
Our gratitude toward our volunteers and fosterers is immeasurable. They have thrown themselves into getting things in place despite them and their families own worries, anxieties and needs


We will still be here and dealing with emergencies where and when we can but all home checks and meets will cease for now.

Please stay at home and keep following our page and posts. We’ve asked all our fosterers to keep you entertained with updates of their houseguests.