Thunder ***Available for Adoption***

January 10, 2021

He is a handsome 19 month old American Bulldog

Thunder was a hand in at Flushdyke Kennels.

Thunder is one bounding huge pup who has got a little wound up cooped up in kennels. He was due to be PTS if a rescue didn’t step in for him.

He was moved to rehab kennels where he was allowed to decompress and work has started on his manners and impulses.

He is doing great so far and staff there are falling in love with the big goon!

He needs a home without children and other pets although he is good around other dogs he needs a calm environment with minimal distractions.

He needs someone with experience of large breeds who is prepared to put in the work and work alongside a behaviourist to help Thunder make the adjustment to living in a home environment.

Please email if you are interested in Thunder

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