Teddy ***Available for Adoption***

July 5, 2020

1yr old Boston Terrier

Teddy came from a busy home with children but he became too much resulting in him biting the adults and children. In particular he has shown resource guarding behaviours.

Information obtained from his previous owner leads us to believe Teddy was taken away from his mum and litter mates too early and therefore his social skills and boundaries that he should’ve learnt from birth have been lacking.

Teddy has been with a rehabilitation behaviourist for the past few weeks and has come on leaps and bounds. There has been a lot of work done on his resource guarding and his adopters must be willing to work with our behaviourist and follow their advice and protocols going forward to minimise anxiety for Teddy.

Teddy will need a quiet home where he will be allowed to build his confidence gradually.

He needs a CHILD & PET FREE home. He is absolutely fine with other dogs out and about but can’t share his home with them due to the potential for over-stimulation and guarding of food.

He loves playing and will chase a ball for ages.
He really enjoys his walks.
He loves a cuddle and a belly rub.
He is housetrained.

He doesn’t really like being left but is crate trained. He needs someone around a lot who can work on this over time.

He is a grand little dog (with a face only a mother could love 😜) who has proved over recent weeks that with clear and confident handling he has loads to offer and is super keen to learn.

Please email aireworthdogsinneed@gmail.com if you are interested in Teddy. Full details of our adoption process including our catchment area can be found on our website.

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