Steve ***Adopted***

September 29, 2019

Steve is a Yorkie around 2 or 3 years old.
Steve is very loving at times but can dig his heels in at times like when he doesn’t want to leave the garden. He doesn’t like rain or wet feet! Likes to be towel dried when been on a wet walk.
He is clean in the house but he does like to rip stuff if allowed he’s very quick so you need to be on your guard!
He loves a bath.. won’t be dried with the dryer.
His fosterer says he loves sleeping under blanket on her knee. Sleeps on the bed after checking all ok downstairs.
He is Ok with children and adults if the approach him slowly so no small children who might be too giddy for him.
He is very reactive to other dogs can be distracted with treats if other dog far enough away…. if not he can be heard for miles.

He will snap at other dogs if they get too near.
He likes to think he’s chasing the birds and squirrels in the park although in reality he can’t be off lead due to how reactive he is.
He needs a very secure garden as he is a talented escape artist.
Steve does not like being left. He has separation anxiety so will need a home where he is rarely left.
He’s a sweet lad who will need a committed owner with the patience to work with him on his behaviours.