Spencer & Lola ***Adopted***

September 16, 2018

*bonded pair*
Siblings from same parents
Spencer is 3 years and Lola is 15 months old
This pair of cuties have suffered following a relationship split. It resulted in the pair being left for days on end in the house with no access to outside and little company. Even food and water was hit and miss. It took ADIN several attempts to get them safe and when we did they were climbing the walls. They are very affectionate and friendly and good with children and other dogs. Not cat tested but if their reaction to hens is anything to go by its a no! As a result of their experiences they panic when they’re left and will whine and bark. With time and a consistent routine this will improve but they’ll need someone at home a lot. They are lively and full of fun and can climb up and over things so need a secure environment. They are very bonded so come as a pair.