Sparky ***Available for Adoption***

Hello I’m Sparky and I’ll tell you a little bit about myself….

I’m an independent sort of chap – I’ve had to be as I spent the first year of my life looking out for myself on the streets of Romania and you don’t want to hear what that was like! Life was turned upside down and after travelling a long way I found myself placed by ADIN with what you humans call a Mum! She was lovely and helped me learn to trust humans and helped me overcome some of my fears. Unfortunately Mum got poorly and I haven’t seen her since June. I think I’ll have to wait until I see her again one day at the rainbow bridge😪 Her son has been looking after me and he’s been here every day since Mum left, but he needs to return to work soon and I’d be left most of the time by myself.

I’ll tell you a few things about me as I’d love to have a new owner as lovely as my mum – could it be you?

✅ I’m 4years old now so I can be your friend for plenty of years to come 🤞

❓I loved my mum and I quite like you ladies, but I find men can be a bit scary so I’d have to consider your other half carefully if he happened to be a bloke. I could possibly learn to settle with a man who is calm and confident.

✅ I know verbal commands and some hand signals so I’m quite an obedient boy

✅ as I’m a pretty self contained chap I am fine to be left on my own and I’ll behave whilst you’re out

✅ I like my toys and I don’t mind if you want to share them – I’m not possessive

✅ I’m proud to say I walk well on my lead and although I’m quite a big chap I don’t pull you along

🐕 Little fluffy dogs are beneath my attention so I’m not fussed about those. However, I’m not too fond of some bigger high-energy types so I prefer it if we can keep a respectful distance from them, otherwise, you might need to manage my 40kg weight! I have been OK with other dogs in my family if introduced carefully

🐈 I am a bit too interested in cats when out walking, and although mum helped me with this I’m not sure I could live with one

❓I could possibly do with losing a couple of kilos which would help manage some problems with my rear knees – but I’m doing very nicely thank you on Youmove tablets, which I’m prepared to take if you provide me with yummy chicken wings to help them down

❓I’ve never lived with small humans but my mum has grandchildren aged 6+ and I was very nice to them

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