Skye ***ADOPTED***

August 11, 2016

Skye is a lurcher and approximately one year old.

She’s a lively madam who has lived outside so is blown away with life in a house.  She was initially very giddy with no manners with people or other dogs – but she is learning with the help of an experienced fosterer and resident dogs teaching her what’s what.

She has recently had an accident.  She was kicked by horse whilst in foster care and broke her leg.  She is due to be operated on this week and a plate will be put in her leg.  With this in mind she will not be ready for rehoming for a little while yet.  If you are interested in meeting Skye and offering her a forever home and a comfy sofa to lounge on – please contact us.

Skye has a very high prey drive so she would not be suitable to live with cats and small furries.  Skye will need a confident owner with experience with lurcher type dogs.


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