Sam ***Adopted***

August 5, 2019

We received an urgent call for help from the family of a man who had died the previous day in hospital. He was a carer for his mum so she had to go into a nursing home urgently. Poor Sam’s life has been turned upside down. We don’t know much about Sam but he’s very scared and unsure at the moment. We are letting him settle down before we look for his new family.

Lovely Sam has spent the last couple of weeks settling into foster after the upheaval and heartbreak of his owner passing away.

We don’t know exactly how old he is but probably around 5 years old
Sam isn’t a very confident boy; he does worry a bit and is jumpy to noises and nervous of new people
He takes time to get to know people so will need a calm and patient household without too much coming and going. For this reason we’re looking for a child free home.
He has begun to enjoy his walks and instead of being terrified upon seeing a lead as he was initially, he now know it means good things and he absolutely loves chasing his ball in the park. His toe nail length suggests he hasn’t been used to many walks in recent times.

Sam is okay with other dogs as long as they ignore him. He is worried by anyone too giddy and lively.

He seems to ignore cats and has shown no interest
Once he feels safe Sam loves a cuddle and fuss and his lovely personality starts to shine through.
He’s clean in the house.

He’s a really lovely dog who will give so much love to the person or people who are happy to let Sam settle at his own pace.

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