Rover ***Adopted***

June 7, 2020

Time to introduce Rover


Rover is 8 years old and recently came to ADIN when his owner sadly passed away. He is currently under assessment where we can get to know him better and establish what kind of home he needs. In the meantime he wants to say a bit about himself;My name is Rover (although one of my Hooman fosterers sometimes calls me Land-Rover because I am a little overweight) My Hoomans are helping me slim down by taking me for plenty of walks. To be honest, I quite like my walks as – I get to see the local area, I say hello to some of the other doggies out for walkies and I already feel a little slimmer.


I don’t like the cats though – so I bark at them and they run away. Haha. I do like my food – but my Hoomans are being strong for me and not giving in to my whimpering for food. I do get an occasional treat which is great. Best of all, I am getting as many belly rubs as I want! I love belly rubs. Anyway, I just thought I’d say hello. It’s time for another nap now. I’ll write again soon.We will take expressions of interest from people ALREADY HOME CHECKED (as of 29.5.20)

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