Rocco ***ADOPTED***

February 18, 2015

Collie X Alaskan Malamute


We have been asked to try and help the current owner rehome Rocco.  Due to relationship breakdown he is need of a new home.  He is currently in kennels but is not coping very well and we have no foster homes available.

Rocco is 5 years old, he’s fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. He’s very loving with people and very good with children as he has been brought up with a very young child.  He can be a bit temperamental with other dogs as he is possessive over toys. Though he has spent time with the current owner’s mother’s dogs for 6 months which he gets on with really well. He was also walked by a dog walker who walked him with 10 other dogs but she said she had to chose which dogs she could walk him with which was mainly small dogs.

Rocco3 Rocco2 Rocco

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