Robyn ***Available for Adoption***

Robyn is a very boisterous 18-month-old Ambul/Spaniel cross. She was not getting along with the other dog in the home and ADIN was asked to find Robyn a new home.

Robyn has been settling into her foster home and we have a better idea of the type of home she needs.

Like many lockdown pups, Robyn has had limited opportunities for socialisation and her world has been very small. She, therefore, needs new owners who can offer her:

Experience of and commitment to ongoing consistent training- think “Project Dog”

A calm household

Clear boundaries

Lots of exercise and able to handle her pulling

A large garden- Robyn has settled well in the home and garden but is very nervous and fearful outside the home so needs her world to expand very gradually

A dog-free home

Robyn doesn’t walk well on collar and lead and is better with a harness and halti.

✅ has lived with children 6+ and is good with them, but as Robyn needs a great deal of attention and focus it would be better if you had older teens or maybe visiting children only

✅ very friendly and affectionate to foster carers and their children

✅ lives with cats so a dog savvy cat would be ok

✅ house trained but expect accidents initially

⁉️ will sometimes bark and lunge at people, and other dogs if they bark at her

❓is gradually building up her ability to cope when being left alone

Please email if you’re interested in Robyn

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