Oscar and Lola ***Long Term Foster***

September 29, 2019

Oscar & Lola are a sweet pair looking for a new home, ideally together but we feel they could be separated for the right homes.

Oscar is a 10 year old male un-neutered fawn Pug who is surprisingly sprightly for his age and in good shape.

Lola is a sweet little 12 year old female brindle French Bulldog who is partially deaf and partially blind.

Both were adopted by their current owner around 5 years ago and are being re-homed as the family are moving and are not able to take them into their new accommodation. They have lived with children and other dogs, although Lola isn’t keen on larger or boisterous dogs. They may be able to live with other similar sized calm dogs subject to successful introductions. Untested with cats but we would not imagine them to be bothered by a dog savvy cat that keeps out of their way. They are looking for a home with someone around for the majority of the time. They can be left for up to 3 – 4 hours, but will have accidents in the house if not let out for a toilet break after 4 hours. Oscar enjoys his walks but his exercise requirements due to his breed and his age are not high. Lola has generally been confined to the house and garden but we feel she would enjoy small excursions. She is looking for someone to give her lots of sofa time. Both dogs are very people orientated and are very attached to their current human.

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