Murphy ***Available for Adoption***

September 6, 2020

8 year old staffy

Murphy has been a much loved family pet who was taken in when he was an unwanted runt as a little pup.

Sadly his owner passed away a few months ago and her daughter is struggling to manage him and her toddler.

Murphy is very strong and does not get on with other dogs. He will pull toward them and can lunge if allowed to get too close.

He adores people and just wants constant cuddles, love, affection and play. He likes dishing out staffy kisses!

He lives with a 2 year old but being a boisterous and affectionate tank he would be better in a home with older children only.

He enjoys his walks. He’s super strong and does pull initially but is better once he gets going.

He isn’t keen on being left alone and can only really cope with 2 or 3 hours maximum. He isn’t crate trained and we don’t think he would like a crate at all as he doesn’t like being closed into rooms. He’s used to sleeping on his humans bed at night.

He currently lives with 3 cats whose company he enjoys. He likes to play and snuggle with them. He does chase cats that come into “his” garden though!

He doesn’t travel well in the car and whines a bit.

He has basic commands of sit, paw, lie down, roll over etc.

He is a kind natured dog and a good companion- he would with people who could spend more time with him and possibly even do some proper training.

He is neutered, up to date with vaccs etc.

Sometimes gets eczema on paws / tummy otherwise in good health.

He’s an absolutely cracking dog who will make someone a really loyal companion.

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