September 16, 2016

Sharpei – approximately 18 months old

Monty’s owner was reported to the RSPCA due to the condition of his skin and the fact that he was being left home alone for days at a time.  Before the RSPCA attended the owner attempted to sell Monty.  Luckily for Monty a kind lady took him on.  She initially asked for Aireworth Dogs in Need to help but decided she had fallen in love with him and wanted to keep him.

After a couple of weeks this kind lady had to go into hospital – possibly due to an allergic reaction to Monty.  So she came back and asked for our help – which we gladly agreed.

Monty is a friendly boy.  His skin is not in a good way due to an untreated flea infestation that has got out of hand.  His ears are also quite sore.  He’s now on medication and he’s not as sore and his fur is starting to grow back.



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