Max ***Available for Adoption***

June 9, 2019

Max is a 5 year old Patterdale x who needs a bit of a wash and brush-up! He has lived with a family (children from 0-16yrs), but due to a relationship breakdown, and because of the family circumstances he’s been living in the garden for the past 6 months. Max is very nervous of everything (including his shadow!), and he is currently in foster to give him time to settle, and so we can assess him more fully before we start looking for a new home for him.

Max is a 6 year old Patterdale terrier cross who has had a poor 6 months following a relationship breakdown. He moved home, before being relegated to the garden after nipping the 5 year old in the home during play. He is a nervous dog who needs time to learn to trust people again, and has shown some ‘resource-guarding’ behaviour of his fosterer. He needs an experienced home (ideally with terrier experience), with ‘no nonsense’ owner(s) who know how to put behaviour boundaries in place and maintain them.

His housetraining has come on well, although he can be reluctant to go out into the garden without being accompanied.

He loves to be close to his human – but this MUST be on people’s terms, not on Max’s

He has gained in confidence during the time he’s been in foster, but needs someone to continue to help him with this.


unknown re cats / small furries

He can be unpredictable in his reactions to other dogs – he’s been fine with the dog within his wider foster family, but may ignore or bark at other dogs when out and about.

Max has nipped in the past, and therefore needs to be in a home with no children / teens upwards.

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