Lola ***Available for Adoption***

She is a 3yr old Patterdale cross

🥰 Lola loves the ladies! She’s quite wary of tall men, she’ll bark or run away, but a bit of good old bribery usually wins her heart 🥩🍗

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Good with children

🦮 She has lived happily with another dog, but she’s rather energetic and boisterous so may be a bit much for some dogs. She barks at other dogs on lead, but is friendly when allowed interaction.

🐈‍⬛❗️She hates cats!

🚙❗️She’s not used to car journeys, but seems to travel well.

❗️Pulls on lead

✅ Ok being left for reasonable periods. But she’s a typical little terrier with lots to say for herself and will bark if she can see/hear things outside.

❗️She’s quite an excitable and at times anxious girl, and frequently wets herself with any heightened emotion

If you are interested in Lola please email