Lilly ***Adopted***

July 28, 2019

Lilly is a stunning 3 year old GSD x Collie.

She is extremely intelligent and is quite a sensitive soul. She walks well on the lead and has very good recall off the lead. She is house trained and okay to be left for reasonable periods. She travels well in the car. She is a bit nervous of cats too close up but will chase those she knows in play.

She lives with another dog and enjoys rough and tumble play with other large breed dogs within the wider family. She has lived with children with newborn babies to toddlers and although she loves them she isn’t happy if they get in her space. She will give a warning growl and then take herself away; however she’d do better in a home with no young children.

Lilly worries when she sees unknown dogs and will bark and raise her hackles to keep them away having previously been attacked. She has never shown aggression but as a large, powerful and intelligent dog she needs a confident handler. She seems to respond better to a male handler. She is incredibly soft, affectionate and loving in the home.

She has been a very well loved family dog and a lot of effort has gone into her training and she knows lots of commands. A home with large breed experience will be preferred.

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