Kiki ***Available for Adoption***

June 27, 2021

Kiki is still under assessment but we are now able to take expressions of interest from suitable candidates.

Kiki is a 3 year old Labrador x Staffy

Kiki came from a very busy home with small children, little exercise and inconsistent communication and boundaries.

Being in a home where there are all the things she needs is taking some adjustment! She is a smashing dog with oodles of potential for a family able to put some initial work in.

She needs a calm home environment with no under 13s. Not that she’s not great with kids but she needs low energy and adults with time to focus on her.👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

She could live with another dog, as long as they are calm and a good influence! She does seem to enjoy the company of other dogs.🐕🐕

Cats unknown 🐈

She is making massive progress with jumping up and barking ✅

She has shown she interacts well with other dogs off lead ✅ although she still lunges and pulls toward them onlead ❌

Chewing – she’ll need a supply of strong chew toys and buffalo horn!! ❌

She has stopped having accidents 💩✅

She is good in the car ✅ once she’s kindly agreed to get in! 🙈❌

She is crate trained but needs not spend too much time in there. She will sleep in her crate overnight ✅💤

She is such a loving dog who is sadly still confused about what is expected of her.

We are so impressed with the patience and determination of her fosterer but need to start planning for her next steps. 🙌

Kiki is booked in for a week’s bootcamp with our residential behaviourist next month. She won’t know what’s hit her 🥰😄 we’d love to find a new owner who could continue the great work that’s underway.

Email if you’d like to be considered for Kiki

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