Jax ***Adopted***

August 11, 2019

Meet Jax, a 4 year old Springer Spaniel x Husky who is in need of a new home due to a change in his owner’s circumstances.

He’s a very friendly boy who is a mix of two high-energy breeds, so he will probably do best in a home with enough space for him not to feel crowded, and where he can have the regular exercise and mental stimulation he needs. Although he can be left for reasonable periods he chews his tail / flanks and this needs further exploration to get to the bottom of it (excuse the pun!)…

Jax has lived happily with 7/8 year old children & enjoyed playing games with them.

He can be left for reasonable periods – although he presently chews his tail / flanks when he’s on his own


Friendly, intelligent boy who loves having attention, and learns quickly – he is quite food motivated

Jax is in foster with 2 other dogs of similar size and really enjoys their company

Pulls on a fixed lead and needs some help with re-learning how to walk without almost suffocating himself!

He was very keen to chase a squirrel – so suspect he may have quite a high prey drive

Jax has lived with cats, and although he never hurt them, he did chase them and the cats ended up living upstairs.

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