Honey ***Adopted***

October 13, 2018

Honey is an extra special little girl, looking for a person that can return the oodles of love and cuddles she has to give.
? She has been nervous of strangers and dogs whilst out walking, but has progressed enough to ignore all but the rudest of dogs and people. She is very easily distracted with a tasty treat and is now meeting and greeting dogs when out walking appropriately.
? Her fear also made her prefer to toilet inside, she’s building confidence and getting better at this too. As long as she’s taken out regularly she will toilet in the garden, she’s not yet ready to poo out on walks. Watch her closely and she now asks to go to the loo by running to the door. She’s always clean through the night and when I return home.
? Honey would like a home without any other female dog, but she will be around other dogs if introduced carefully. She’s also great with the cats. ?
?‍?‍?‍? Very young children are too much for her.
Despite her problems I find her a very easy dog to manage. She is so loving and an absolute delight.
She sleeps in her own bed at the side of us, but she is crate trained and will sleep downstairs it there are other dogs. She is OK to be left a few hours during the day when we go out
Honey also had a deformed hip bone that has been operated on, and the vet says it could not have gone better, she is walking on it nicely. She’s due to start a hydrotherapy course to strengthen her muscles. Although she will always have a bit of a limp because one leg is shorter, her leg will be OK to enjoy good walks. Currently pain controlled by medication.

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