Eddie ***Available for Adoption***

June 27, 2021

Eddie is a fabulous 12month old Collie x Labrador. He behaves beautifully in the house. He’s obedient, affectionate, always clean and settles well downstairs overnight.

He loves a good run and play with other dogs, but is dog reactive on lead. He needs a home with someone who can work on this. He can also be reactive to people on walks, usually if startled.

Although generally very friendly and affectionate Eddie has bitten 2 family members.

Eddie’s perfect home would be with keen walkers and/or flyball, agility enthusiasts.

He’s a young active working type dog who needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation.

No cats.

Never lived with another dog.

Travels well.

Ok being left for reasonable periods.

No children.

Can pull on the lead at times

We are now taking applications from people already home checked only.

Please email aireworthdogsinneed@gmail.com

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