Cali ***Adopted***

October 19, 2020

**Please note we are only accepting applications from people already home checked at this time. Please, please do not contact us unless you have already had a home check. Our systems cannot cope! **

Cali is a sweet and gentle 7 year old Cocker Spaniel.
She is affectionate and loving but really quite nervous particularly around new people and new situations.
She will need a calm, quiet, adult only home as she can find things a bit overwhelming.
She is good with other dogs and has lived with a cat and a house rabbit previously.
She is house trained and okay to be left for reasonable periods.
She isn’t a fan of soap operas and will howl at the tv when they are on!
She’s not terribly comfortable in the car but this is getting better.
She has great recall.

Please email if you have ALREADY had a home check and meet the criteria for Cali

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