Buddy ***Available for Adoption***

October 11, 2020

**Applications now closed!**

Buddy is a 7 year old Yorkshire x Jack Russell terrier. His fosterer describes him as being like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz – a nervous softie who tries to mask this by being a bit of a grump from time to time!

**The secret to a successful partnership will lie in the willingness of a new owner to patiently allow him space to adjust to his new surroundings, to listen/observe when he isn’t happy about something and who won’t expect too much of him too soon.**

✅ Buddy loves people, especially if tummy tickles are on offer: although he tends to bark as visitors arrive, he’ll usually be curled up beside them on the sofa 10 minutes later!

⚽️ His idea of playtime is having zoomies with a toy in his mouth, running between chairs in the room in the opposite direction to his owner!

??He would benefit from an adult-only home (or sensible teens) with no cats or small furries and would need supervision with young visitors.

✅He can be left for short periods during the day, up to 3 hours so far in foster.

? Buddy loves meeting and sniffing other dogs on walks. If unable to get to them, he can make a fuss by pulling on the lead, lunging and barking in their direction, but has made progress in this area whilst in foster. We have found that he is happy in the company of dogs he has got to know and may be able to live with another dog.

✅Plus Points:
· Usually very quiet in the home – but will bark loudly at visitors, or people/cats etc passing the window
· Is polite during human mealtimes and waits to be invited upstairs
· Usually clean in the house (see below)
· Has been left for up to 3 hours with no issues – initially used to bark and howl, but this has settled whilst he’s been in foster
· Enjoys the car and going on journeys
· Loves going for walks
· With careful introductions, he enjoys meeting on- and off-lead dogs.
· He is an affectionate, delightful companion
❌Things that need more work:
· Although Buddy loves to meet other dogs, his socialisation needs improvement, as he needs to know when to leave them alone and may react if a dog becomes aggressive towards him. His reactivity to on-lead dogs when out and about (barking/lunging) when he cannot get to them has improved, but his new owner will need a patient and consistent approach to help him continue to do so.
· Buddy shows some food aggression (growling) if he is approached whilst he is eating his meal and also when guarding uneaten treats.
· Will growl or bare his teeth when unsure about situations and has been known to nip if in a state of high arousal. His owner will need to have an awareness of the situations that trigger this response whilst the relationship of trust grows.
· Buddy tends to toilet during the night if sleeping downstairs on his own. This is not an issue when he sleeps in the bedroom with his fosterer.

Please email aireworthdogsinneed@gmail.com if you feel you can offer Buddy the home he needs.

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