Bodly (m – Chihuahua) ***Adopted***

December 7, 2017

Bodly is a 7 year old male chihuahua. His elderly owner has died leaving him in need of a new mum. He has epilepsy controlled by medicine on his food each day. This costs £24 a month. The vet has said his last recorded fit was 3 years ago. He cocks his leg constantly on everything. He has been a house dog so never been out, walked, met new people, so this is a very big change for him. He’s being very brave and cautious but enthusiasticaly meets new people, and dogs, and learning to go for walks. He’s also learning to pee outside, so patience will be needed with him while he learns.

Please ring 07551 891117 if you are interested in this dog, or select ‘Get in Touch’ above


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