Bobby ***Adopted***

March 21, 2021

Bobby is a 5 year old neutered Staffordshire bull terrier who came into ADIN’s care when his owner could no longer meet his needs due to ill health.

He has led a bit of a sheltered life, and continues to be a bit of a worrier in new situations, but he is gradually settling and has begun to play with toys.

He can be rather giddy when meeting new people and can present with some challenging behaviours when he is the centre of attention. He’s a lovely boy, who needs a calm home where he will be given time to continue settling into a very different sort of life from the one he’s been used to.

✅ Loves, loves, LOVES his walks (unless it’s wet or cold!)

✅ Great on the lead with no pulling

✅Good with dogs (though he hasn’t lived with another dog)

🐱 Has lived with a cat

? He has been left for short periods in his foster home, and has settled fine. He was used to being left for longer periods in his original home, but a return to this in the near future is unlikely to help with his toilet training (see below)!

💩House-training is still a work in progress, but should improve if he has access to a secure garden

🚘 Not used to travelling in a car and gets anxious (whining and pacing)

‼️Bobby can present some challenging anxiety-related behaviours in the home (tail-chasing), and when meeting new people (jumping up, air snapping).

Although he has been well behaved with an older child he has come into contact with during foster, we feel an environment with children will probably be too stimulating for him, particularly during the initial settling-in period.

Please email if you’re interested in Bobby

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