Bob ***ADOPTED***

April 19, 2015


Bob is approximately 5 years old. He was collected from the pound last week after being unclaimed by his previous owner. Bob is underweight but has no issues over food. He will be neutered when he has gained some more weight. He is already chipped but his previous owner could not be traced. He is fine with other dogs but probably best not around cats. He is a little strong on the lead.

It came to the rescue’s attention that an appeal from a previous owner of Bob’s had been posted on a lost and found site. He had heard that his ex-partner had passed on his dog and he was worried what may have happened to him. We contacted him to let him know that Bob was fine and explained the circumstances of how he came to be with us. We are delighted to say that Bob, real name Splodge, has been reunited with the guy. What a happy ending!

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