Blu ***ADOPTED***

July 5, 2016


Blu is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and approximately 3 years old.

We are not sure of the life that Blu has had but we guess it’s been one where he has rarely known love.

His original owner moved out of his home and left Blu and his companion dog locked in the garden.  With nothing.  A year ago.  Some lovely neighbours have been feeding the dogs and leaving them water and desperately trying to get these poor boys help.  A major animal charity had been to visit them – but as they were not starving they would not take them!!!!!

The neighbours did not give up and contacted as many people as they could to try and find help and new homes.  Their plight was picked up on social media and some lovely people raised some money for the dogs transport, neutering and vaccination costs.  They just needed rescue back up and foster homes.  Aireworth Dogs in Need stepped up to help Blu.

We dread to think what fate could have befallen these beautiful dogs if not for the neighbours who refused to ignore their plight.

Blu is a typical staffy – he just wants to be your friend and dish out kisses.


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