Belle ***Adopted***

August 28, 2019

We are now taking expressions of interest for Belle.


Belle is a 3 year old French bulldog

Belle is only 3 but has had at least 3 litters of pups. She was passed on once she wasn’t useful as a money making machine anymore.
She had had three homes in the last few months and didn’t seem to know if she’s coming or going. She’s been in foster under assessment for a few weeks now and has settled really well.

Whilst in foster she has been treated for a nasty ear infection and also been put on a quality diet which appears to have improved her skin / fur which is growing back nicely.


Belle is very wary and bothered by new people until she gets to know them. She will need a patient family who don’t push her before she’s ready. She hasn’t nipped or bitten but has given warning / air snaps. She cannot be rehomed with children under 10 for this reason.


She’s house trained and okay to be left for reasonable periods although she loves company.


She enjoys playing with other dogs.


She can’t be rehomed with cats.


She travels well in the car


Walks nicely on the lead


She likes to chase a ball and loves games and interaction.

Although she does like a cuddle on the sofa she also loves her walks and enjoys plenty of exercise so she needs an active home.

Belle’s story is the perfect example of the problem with “trendy breeds”. She is a gorgeous dog who needs a sensible home who can see beyond the idea of the “cute and fashionable Frenchie” and understand that dogs need consistency, care and patience.

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