Bella ***Adopted***

December 22, 2019

Beautiful Bella is a 2 year old staffy girl. She is friendly and affectionate but a bit nervous of the big wide world probably as she’s been passed from pillar to post in her short life. She is a quick learner and wants to please. In the home she’s a diamond but will need some ongoing work on her confidence and socialisation out and about.

This is what her lovely foster family say.about her;
“Bella has very quickly settled in and made this her home.
She is loves playing with her toys and cuddles by the fire or on the sofa in equal measure. She is fully house trained and follows commands like sit, down, bedtime etc.
She will pinch food if its left unattended and is always on the look out for food, which involves reaching up to work tops.
We’ve had to move the Guinea Pigs inside due to the weather. She is clearly interested but hasnt been left on her own in the same room. She is comfortable in her crate, sleeps in it, goes for a rest in it, and goes in it without problem when we go out.
She is super strong and so will pull when she spots another dog. Sometimes she may growl/snarls.
She has been great with the kids and seems to like children. She also seems to like women but does seem a little fearful of men, especially when she first meets them. However once she has had chance to get to know you, you are just part of the furniture. She can demand bark when she wants to play or if you are eating. (Not all the time).
She learns really quickly and responds great to praise and reward.
Despite her journey up to now, she is incredibly loyal and has bonded with the household!”

9 year Elliot, one of Bellas super- duper foster family thought you’d like to know that;
“Bella is very playful and gets excited when we come home, but calms down quickly. She can be a little bit naughty, like pinching biscuits secretly when you are not looking. She likes to be given a good scratch on her back. She is good on walks and loves a treat


” Great review Elliot!

Please email if you’d like to be considered as Bellas forever family.
Bella can’t be rehomed with cats.

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