Bailey ***Adopted***

September 14, 2020

O gosh! This gorgeous loveable lump just wants to please. He’s awesome. He is quite a big lad who could do with putting on some more weight as he’s a little too lean.

He was being sold in a pub for a pittance. A kind lad stepped up as he was concerned about where may end up but he’s not allowed dogs in his property.

Bailey has been in kennels on Leeds for a few weeks now where he’s been working with a specialist behaviourist. We are inviting applications of interest in Bailey but you must be willing to travel to Leeds several times to spend time around Bailey and the behaviourist seeing and understanding the protocols needed.

✅ people friendly (no children under 10yrs due to his size)
🐕Seems fairly disinterested in other dogs
🐱 no cats as he’s shown a keen interest!
✅ ok to be left for a couple of hours – as long as he can’t see passing people going on outside or he barks.
✅ pulls intially on a lead but walks fine after a few minutes.

Please email if you’d like to be considered for Bailey and can meet the criteria above including willing and able to travel to Leeds.

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