Alfie ***Adopted***

February 14, 2021

**We are only taking applications for Alfie from people already home checked. Please do not apply if you have not been home checked**

Alfie is a big old goon! He is around 9 months old and is a Lurcher, quite possible a bit of Deerhound in there as he’s large.

He came to us having been bought online from someone who said they’d get Alfie from a neighbour so we know he’s had 3 homes as a minimum.

He was displaying some attention demanding puppy behaviour, mouthing, nipping and demand barking. With him being large this was quite painful.

Within 24 hours of being with us with some consistent protocols around the demand behaviour this has all but stopped.

He is absolutely great with other dogs

He walks beautifully on the lead

He has good recall

He is good in the car

He is clean in the house and over the past week has been crate trained

He settles in his crate overnight with no issue

He hasn’t been “cat tested” but he doesn’t appear to have a strong Lurcher prey drive

He is extremely affectionate and loves people.

No under 10s due to his size and the potential his mouthing may reoccur initially when he moves to his forever home.

He is an absolutely fantastic dog who would love an active home with an outdoor lifestyle.

If you have been home checked and are interested in Alfie please email

Please note, no meets can take place during current lockdown restrictions

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