Welcome to Aireworth Dogs in Need

Thank you for visiting our website and for showing an interest in rescue dogs.

If you are interested in adopting a dog please email us at aireworthdogsinneed@gmail.com to request a home check application form.

We ask you to return this to us along with photos of your main living areas and outdoor space, a photo of some ID which shows proof of address and contact details of someone who can provide a reference (not friends or family, ideally a vet). If your home is rented we also need to see written evidence that your tenancy allows pets. Once we have all this information we will be in touch.

Please note for some very popular dogs we don't accept new applications but look to those already home checked first.

Each of our dogs has a Liaison Officer and following a successful home check and satisfactory references, she will contact you to arrange a meet if you are felt to be the best match for that dog. We take all individual circumstances into account and always do what we think is best for that dog.

Please see the Get in touch page for a list of frequently asked questions.

Thank you

Our sponsor of the week: Judy ***Available for Adoption***

Sweetheart Judy is 13 next month.


Sponsored dog