Talia ***ADOPTED***

March 1, 2015

Whippet X

Talia is approximately one year old.  We collected her from the pound today.  She's in a bit of a sorry state.  She's clearly been used for poaching of some sort from the scars on her nose and under her chin.  She's is underweight and dehydrated.  She is settling down in her foster home with several small meals, electrolytes to assist her dehydration and a soft warm cosy bed.  We hope she will become a mischevious little monkey in no time once she is settled and happy.  The vet is unable to chip her at the moment due to her dehydration but she will be as soon as she is well enough.  She is not neutered or vaccinated - but all will be done once her health improves.  She is excellent with other dogs, cats and children.  Such a sweet natured little lady.



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