Storm ***Adopted***

December 9, 2018

Meet Storm, a 7 month old female ambul x staffy.
First thing you need to know about Storm is that’s she’s very big and bouncy!
Storm is friendly to dogs she meets on walks but she’s using her size to dominate the older but smaller dog in the house she’s living in and it’s causing problems so they are having to be kept separate.
She’s very affectionate and people friendly but the big lump but doesn’t understand her size and so needs to learn some manners! She’s probably too bouncy to be in a home with small children.
She is fine to be rehomed with cats as she currently lives with 4 with no problems.
She is crate trained and sleeps in her crate overnight.
She is housetrained and can be left for about 3 hours but in a crate or she will chew.
She hasn’t experienced much car travel but has been fine when she has.
She’s a big, beautiful girl who needs a confident and consistent owner who can help Storm to learn her place in the pack. In return you’ll be rewarded with a whole lot of love!

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