Steve ***Adopted***

November 10, 2019

Steve is a Yorkshire Terrier around 2 years old. He may be small and cute but he has HUGE personality and will need an experienced owner who can help Steve to overcome some of his basic habits!
He is very affectionate and would happily be cuddled all day, however this means he doesn’t like being left and will initially cry and scream.
Sadly he struggles around other dogs and will cause a commotion when he sees them.
Steve can’t live with cats.
Steve needs an adult only home.
He is house trained and although he clearly does have separation anxiety he doesn’t toilet or chew when left.
Steve pulls on the lead and can’t be walked on an extending lead due to his reactions to other dogs.
Steve is a little escape artist so needs a VERY secure outside area.
His current fosterer has put a lot of work in with Steve but he needs a home with someone around more than she can be.
An adult only, terrier experienced home is ideal.

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