Sky: (f-Akita/German shepherd) ***Adopted***

July 4, 2017

Meet Sky, a 9 month old female Akita/German shepherd crossbreed.

Sadly she needs re-homing as she’s too boisterous around the young children in the home and is being kept in the garden most of the time because of this. Lives with 2 other dogs, one of which (her father) keeps attacking her. Playful, friendly dog although seems a little nervous on first meeting. Not cat tested.

2 thoughts on “Sky: (f-Akita/German shepherd) ***Adopted***”

  1. Hello I am really interested in Sky, Could you reply to me via email so we could exchange contact details.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi
      Apologies for the delay in replying. The comments feature on the website had been enabled without anyone telling the trustees! So you can imagine my shock at finding 128 messages!
      Could you let me have your address and telephone number so that we can arrange a home check if you still wish to adopt from us?

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