Sara ***Adopted***

March 10, 2019

Sara is a staffy x sharpei – approximately 18 months old She is very friendly and affectionate but can be a bit full on with new people. She does jump on your knee and mouth a bit. She wasn’t getting much exercise at all due to her owner having health problems and they there was no garden in the home so is a bit boisterous but is responding very well to training in foster.

She has lived with children from aged 3 upwards and enjoys playing with them. She’s lived with 2 cats and mainly ignores them but occasionally try to get them to play. She doesn’t have basic training and so her manners are poor. She will jump about when you try to put her lead on. She’s housetrained and let’s you know when she needs to go out. She is only used to being left for a couple of hours twice a week but doesn’t do anything when she is left.

She is good with other dogs but has no recall. She has a skin complaint that was left untreated for several months but is now receiving vet treatment for She is ok on the lead, pulls a little but soon settles.

She travels well in the car. She is extremely friendly and lovable and will make an amazing family dog.

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