July 27, 2015

Akita x Staffy

Ruby was spotted by a member of the public cowering in the corner of an estate.  It was thought that she may have been hit by a car.  It took patience but with the help of other people Ruby was caught.  It then transpired that she had not been injured by a car but attacked by a gang of youths in a park in Bradford.  Ruby went to the dog pound where she spent her 7 days waiting to be claimed.  ADIN then stepped in determined to help this gentle lady.

Shortly after Ruby appeared on our facebook page we were contacted by her previous owner.  She was horrified to learn what had a happened to Ruby.  The family had found themselves in a difficult situation and had made the decision to rehome one of their dogs.  They had done everything right – they did and homecheck and a follow up a few weeks later.  Unfortunately, that person then passed her on when they moved out of the area to someone who passed her on again to the group of youths who had been terrorising her.  We have now returned Ruby to her original owner who now has the reassurance that if they have any problems in the future that ADIN are there to help.  She is microchipped to our rescue so that we will always have our back up.  Ruby was so happy to be back with her family and especially her companion dog.  So a happy ending for Ruby.


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