Red ***Available for Adoption***

April 27, 2020

10 year old collie x

Red has been in foster a few weeks now and this is what his fosterer says; Red is a lovely boy.

He gets on great with our other dog Alfie & is friendly with most other dogs although he does react to certain dogs on the lead. He is very strong on the lead but walks well in his halti.

He’s ok but a bit over interested in the cats (but if they stand up to him he leaves them alone).

He is not keen on being left on his own & will bark although he seems more settled in the company of another dog.

Red is very anxious around cars. He is not keen on them passing by or travelling in them. He was starting to get better with small trips in the car when we could take him elsewhere for walks but with the lockdown we haven’t been able to do that any more.

He is in good shape for his age (nearly 10) & loves his walks. He had a few accidents the first few days but since then he has been clean in the house & barks to let us know when he wants to go out.

Red will be looking for his forever home once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

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