Poppy ***Available for Adoption***

February 16, 2020

Female Border Collie aged 6 Poppy is a highly intelligent dog who needs a confident and experienced home (ideally someone familiar with collies or similar high energy, high intelligence breeds).

Poppy is an affectionate girl whose current circumstances aren’t a good match for her needs. She currently shows some behaviour issues including resource guarding people, places and things. Poppy is house trained and okay to be left for reasonable periods. She needs an adult only environment as her current behaviours are not conducive to a home with children and the less chaotic the home environment the better. Poppy lives with another dog but can be reactive to strange dogs when out walking. She currently does go on group walks and can walk happily alongside dogs she knows. Because of some herding and nipping behaviour Poppy needs a muzzle when out and about. She is used to wearing one with no issues. Her lead walking needs work and like a lot of collies she will react to cars, bikes etc if not in a correct walking position with a handler who is aware of and responsive to her behaviours.

Poppy is quite a sensitive girl. She will listen to cues and is ripe for learning from someone with the (force-free) confidence, patience and commitment to boundaries that she needs. Poppy needs to feel safe and confident with clear messages of what is and what isn’t expected of her. Poppy would benefit from a home with the time to ensure she gets adequate exercise and stimulation to match her intelligence levels. Poppy hates cats – so no cats or small furries. Poppy travels well in the car.

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