Pete ***Adopted***

April 28, 2020

Pete or Lidl Pete to his friends is around 6 years old.

Pete maybe small bit he is a big character. He is not your typical chihuahua as in feisty, yappy and snappy, he has the loveliest disposition and a sweet nature. Pete would think of himself as a lover not a fighter. He loves the company of other dogs but can be quite giddy on the lead but think that is just him loving his short walks (he’s not a long-distance dog).

He is not housetrained at the moment but is getting better all the time.

He absolutely loves going in the car and as long as he can see where he is going he just enjoys the journey. Pete is a little cuddle monster and loves to be near you, not clingy but just as long as he knows your there.

Not sure at this stage what he would be like being left (because of the lockdown he has not been left alone). If he is going to be left I would suggest he lives with another dog for company.

Not bothered about toys but is learning to play with his housemate Charlie.

Gets a little bit excited with the cats in the house but would never hurt them and is just curious and leaves alone when told to.

He has good recall and has learned his name but we are struggling with any other commands at the moment but he is eager to please. Not been around smaller children but wouldn’t anticipate a problem.

Pete is an all-round little sweetie who deserves his forever home.

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