Max ***Adopted***

June 9, 2019

Max is a 6 year old Patterdale terrier cross who has had a rough year following a relationship breakdown. He moved home, before being relegated to the garden after nipping the 5 year old in the family during play. He is a nervous dog who needs time to learn to trust people again, particularly men, and he has consistently shown guarding behaviour of the female in each foster home. This is manageable, but he needs a terrier-experienced home, with ‘no nonsense’ owner(s) who know how to put behaviour boundaries in place and maintain them.

Max is very clean in the house.

Max’s lead walking is much improved, though he needs some further work to embed this.

He loves to be the centre of attention and close to his chosen human – but this MUST be on people’s terms, not on Max’s otherwise he has the potential to be a thug!

He has gained in confidence during the time he’s been in foster, but needs someone to continue to help him with this

He loves a game of ball in the garden


unknown re cats / small furries

He can be unpredictable in his reactions to other dogs – he’s been fine with the dog in one of his foster homes, but pushed the boundaries with the dog in another. When out and about he may ignore or bark at other dogs.

He’s just got something right in his training & had lots of praise – but is trying very hard to persuade me to give him some more (you’ll just have to get it right again Max)! Max is looking for his forever home which needs to be a calm, experienced adult(s) only home, with a person / people willing to continue working with him to modify his previously learned behaviour patterns. He’s a bright boy who has come on a long way, with bags of character, and lots if love to give in the right environment.

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