Lady ***Adopted***

December 1, 2019

This gentle little girl has had a shocking and disturbing past few months. Her owner died earlier this. He doted on her. They were inseparable. This is what makes Lady’s last few months all the more upsetting.

Her owner’s family trusted his ‘friend’ to continue caring for Lady in her final years. They bought her food and dropped it off every couple of weeks. Unfortunately, they never saw Lady herself.

They were contacted by someone alerting them to Lady’s lack of care on Monday. They went straight down and were extremely distressed to see the state that Lady is in. They took Lady away immediately and brought her home to their’s. They have notified the RSPCA who have taken the details of the person trusted with Lady.

Lady weighs 9.65kg HALF – yes HALF! – of her recommended weight

Lady is 17 years old

Lady is such a gentle little lady who deserves the best, comforts and calmest home to live out her days. She needs some TLC, small and regular meals to build her up and companionship. Can you offer Lady what she needs and deserves?
She wants a home with very little coming and going. Ideally without children and other dogs as she does like her own space.

All vet fees covered and food can be provided as per our Long term foster arrangements.

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