Jack ***Adopted***

January 20, 2019

Meet Jack a 1 year old cross breed (possibly Beagle x)

Jack was a Cypriot stray adopted to the UK by another rescue.
He’s just gone 1 in November and is neutered, chipped and vaccinated.
He is house trained and can be left for up to four hours although he’d prefer to be with someone and does occasionally chew things if he’s unhappy about being left.

He’s fine with cats and currently lives with two

He lives other dogs but is far too rough in play for some smaller, less robust dogs so he’d be better either as an only dog or a dog similar in size.

He’s lived with children from ages 8 but does jump up and snatch food and doesn’t like being pestered so would be better with teenage children plus.
He is a friendly boy who knows his basic commands.
He pulls a bit on the lead.

Jack travels well in the car.
He’s a lovely affectionate boy and will make someone a great companion.

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