Honey ***Available for Adoption***

October 13, 2018

17 month old, female jrt x chihuahua
Honey is an extra special little girl, and will need an extra special kind of person to look after her. She’s very nervous of strangers and dogs, and will rush toward them. I’ve not given her chance to see if she would actually bite or not. She is very easily distracted though and with training is improving. Her fear also makes her prefer to toilet inside, she will use a pad and will also go to loo in the garden as long as your with her. She’s building confidence and getting better at this too. She will scrap with one of my 3 dogs, and it sounds like they are killing each other, but it’s all noise, and soon settles down again. She will be around other dogs if introduced carefully. She’s also great with the cats. Children are too much for her. Despite her problems I find her a very easy dog to manage. She is so loving and an absolute delight. She sleeps in her own bed at the side of us, or if lifted she sometimes is on our bed.
She is crate trained and OK to be left a few hours during the day when we go out
Honey also has a deformed hip and leg that is currently pain controlled by medication. It has been x-rayed and we are awaiting a second opinion. She is likely to need a leg amputation to stop her pain.

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