Frieda ***Adopted***

March 8, 2020

Frieda is a 14 month old Border Collie from working stock. She was the runt of the litter so is small for the breed.

House trained (just! But has always used puppy mats.) Will wee on a walk but almost always poo in the back yard!

Good in the car. Not keen on getting in but is happy to be lifted in!

Chases/herds everything so no small furries.

Good with children but can be a bit enthusiastic. She learns fast so should be fine.

Lovely nature – thinks everyone and every dog will be her friend.

Has basic cues but recall isn’t good. Real Houdini and will run off.

Demonstrates typical breed/puppy behaviour. Keen to play. Will chase a ball for as long as you have energy to throw one – or possibly longer! Off the lead, she will chase balls but is also likely to play with/round up other dogs. She will also try to chase cars, bikes etc so needs to be in a short lead by roads.
It can be hard to refocus her on you but this is improving all the time.

Frieda pulls on the lead but this is also improving with training.

She has a tendency to chew but hasn’t chewed anything she shouldn’t since we got her an antler piece!

She is okay to be left for reasonable periods (4 hours) but NB house training and chewing!
She is not yet neutered.

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