Eva ***Adopted***

September 11, 2018

Eva is a 2 year old lurcher (saluki x Wheaten terrier) Eva is a typical fun loving lurcher who loves nothing better than playtime with dogs of a similar size and breed. She loves to cudde on the sofa and to squeeze into tiny places. Her ideal new home would be with a calm dog who can handle her high energy, boisterous play style and not be afraid to put her in her place! She walks well on the lead most of the time but can be reactive to some dogs, particularly small ones. For the last few weeks shes been sharing a home with a variety of dogs of all shapes and sizes and has been on regular group walks. She is generally fine with most dogs but can be reactive to some smaller breeds. She can be left up to 4 hours with no problems although she may cry initially. She is clean in the house. She will whinge for attention but bit will stop if ignored and this will improve over time if a consisent approach is taken. Being a lurcher she likes to chase and can’t be rehomed with small furries. She has a high prey drive so needs care around livestock.She has the ability to jump very high so this needs to be considered. Her recall is not great as she doent enjoy coming back when the walk is over!! She is a dream in the car and travels with no fuss. In the home she has good manners and will sit and wait to be given her food. She knows the basic commands and is bright and eager to learn. She is very people friendly and has a huge amount of love to give. Can you offer Eva the comfy sofa she deserves?