Eva ***Available for Adoption***

September 11, 2018

Eva is a 2 year old lurcher (saluki x Wheaten terrier)
She is people friendly and good with some dogs dependant on how they respond to her full on, boisterous play style as she can be too much for some. She is very fast and full of beans and loves nothing more than bombing around with other speedy dogs but doesn’t like being put back on her lead afterwards !
Being a lurcher she likes to chase and can’t be rehomed with small furries. She has the ability to jump very high so this needs to be considered.
Currently Eva struggles with being left or ignored. She will whine for attention and has recently started to chew things when left. She’d possibly do best with another dog for company.
Mostly she walks well on her lead although she pulls toward some other dogs. In the home she has good manners and will sit and wait to be given her food.