Eddie (m Lurcher) ***Adopted***

November 9, 2017

12 week old male Lurcher puppy. Hes a clever good natured little man. Meets and greets dogs in an appropriate manner, and was respectful of the cats. Toilet training has started and hes doing well, He sleeps in his crate at night. As he is so young he needs someone home much of the time to train him. I would think he will make a medium to large breed when grown up. He does puppy bite quite a bit, but is learning not to do this too much!

Please ring 07551 891117 if you are interested in this dog, or select ‘Get in Touch’ above

2 thoughts on “Eddie (m Lurcher) ***Adopted***”

  1. Hi, I’m really interested in adopting Eddie! He’s just the kind of dog I’m looking for! I live in a house with my two siblings and my mum and all are over the age of 18. Someone is in all the time so he won’t be left alone at all! What is the procedure for adoption and how long will it take as we are anxious to get Eddie!! Please get in touch ASAP! Thank you. Molly Ball

    1. Due to a technical glitch comments have not been forwarded onto Aireworth Dogs in Need. I apologise for the delay in getting a reply from ourselves. Your request re this dog has been forwarded manually today but please ring 07551 891117 if you are still interested in this dog, or select ‘Get in Touch’ above if you would like to speed up your reply.

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